28 CFR 18.2 - Application.

§ 18.2 Application.

(a) These procedures apply to all appeals and hearings of State formula or block grant applicants or recipients and all existing recipients of categorical grants or cooperative agreements requested under section 802 of the Justice Assistance Act; sections 223(d), 226 and 228(e) of the Juvenile Justice Act; section 1407(F) of the Victims of Crime Act; the nondiscrimination provision of section 809 of the Crime Control Act, or the cross-referenced provisions of the Emergency Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Program. The method of notifying recipients of their non-compliance with section 809 (the nondiscrimination provison of the Crime Control Act and 28 CFR 42.208.

(b) These procedures do not apply to hearings requested under the Public Safety Officers' Benefits Act, 42 U.S.C. 3796, et seq. The hearing and appeal procedures available to claimants denied benefits under that Act are set forth in the appendix to 28 CFR part 32.

(c) These procedures do not apply to subgrant applicants or to recipients or third party beneficiaries of block or formula grants awarded to a State.

(d) These procedures do not apply to categorical grant applicants.

(e) These procedures do not apply to private sector/prison industry enhancement certification applicants; Regional Information Sharing Systems grant applicants; surplus Federal property certification applicants; or the State reimbursement program for Incarcerated Mariel-Cubans.