28 CFR § 2.210 - Extension of term.

§ 2.210 Extension of term.

(a) At any time during service of a term of supervised release, the Commission may submit to the Superior Court a motion to extend the term of supervised release to the maximum term authorized by law, if less than the maximum authorized term was originally imposed. If the Superior Court grants the Commission's motion prior to the expiration of the term originally imposed, the extension ordered by the court shall take effect upon issuance of the order.

(b) The Commission may submit the motion for an extension of a term of supervised release if the Commission finds that the rehabilitation of the releasee or the protection of the public from further crimes by the releasee is likely to require a longer period of supervision than the court originally contemplated. The Commission's grounds for making such a finding shall be stated in the motion filed with the court.

(c) The provisions of this section shall not apply to the Commission's determination of an appropriate period of further supervised release following revocation of a term of supervised release.