28 CFR § 2.212 - Execution of warrant and service of summons.

§ 2.212 Execution of warrant and service of summons.

(a) Any officer of any Federal or District of Columbia correctional institution, any Federal Officer authorized to serve criminal process, or any officer or designated civilian employee of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, to whom a warrant is delivered, shall execute such warrant by taking the releasee and returning him to the custody of the Attorney General.

(b) Upon the arrest of the releasee, the officer executing the warrant shall deliver to the releasee a copy of the warrant application (or other notice provided by the Commission) containing the information described in § 2.211(f).

(c) If execution of the warrant is delayed pending disposition of local charges, for further investigation, or for some other purpose, the releasee is to be continued under supervision by the supervision officer until the normal expiration of the sentence, or until the warrant is executed, whichever first occurs. Monthly supervision reports are to be submitted, and the releasee must continue to abide by all the conditions of release.

(d) If any other warrant for the arrest of the releasee has been executed or is outstanding at the time the Commission's warrant is executed, the arresting officer may, within 72 hours of executing the Commission's warrant, release the arrestee to such other warrant and lodge the Commission's warrant as a detainer, voiding the execution thereof, provided such action is consistent with the instructions of the Commission. In other cases, the arrestee may be released from an executed warrant whenever the Commission finds such action necessary to serve the ends of justice.

(e) A summons to appear at a probable cause hearing or revocation hearing shall be served upon the releasee in person by delivering to the releasee a copy of the summons and the application therefor. Service shall be made by any Federal or District of Columbia officer authorized to serve criminal process and certification of such service shall be returned to the Commission.

(f) Official notification of the issuance of a Commission warrant shall authorize any law enforcement officer within the United States to hold the releasee in custody until the warrant can be executed in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section.