28 CFR § 4.4 - Supporting affidavit; additional information.

§ 4.4 Supporting affidavit; additional information.

(a) Each application filed with the Commission must be accompanied by a signed affidavit, in 7 copies, setting forth the following concerning the personal history of the applicant:

(1) Place and date of birth. If the applicant was not born in the United States, the time of first entry and port of entry, whether he is a citizen of the United States, and if naturalized, when, where and how he became naturalized and the number of his Certificate of Naturalization.

(2) Extent of education, including names of schools attended.

(3) History of marital and family status, including a statement as to whether any relatives by blood or marriage are currently serving in any capacity with any employee benefit plan, or labor organization, group or association of employers dealing with labor organizations or industrial labor relations group, or currently advising or representing any employer with respect to employee organizing, concerted activities, or collective bargaining activities.

(4) Present employment, including office or offices held, with a description of the duties thereof.

(5) History of employment, including military service, in chronological order.

(6) Licenses held, at the present time or at any time in the past five years, to possess or carry firearms.

(7) Veterans' Administration claim number and regional office handling claim, if any.

(8) A listing (not including traffic offenses for which a fine of not more than $25 was imposed or collateral of not more than $25 was forfeited) by date and place of all arrests, convictions for felonies, misdemeanors, or offenses and all imprisonment or jail terms resulting therefrom, together with a statement of the circumstances of each violation which led to arrest or conviction.

(9) Whether applicant was ever on probation or parole, and if so the names of the courts by which convicted and the dates of conviction.

(10) Names and locations of all employee benefit plans, labor organizations or employer groups with which the applicant has ever been associated or employed, and all employers or employee benefit plans which he has advised or represented concerning employee organizing, concerted activities, or collective bargaining activities, together with a description of the duties performed in each such employment or association.

(11) A statement of applicant's net worth, including all assets held by him or in the names of others for him, the amount of each liability owed by him or by him together with any other person and the amount and source of all income during the immediately preceding five calendar years plus income to date of application.

(12) Any other information which the applicant feels will assist the Commission in making its determination.

(b) The Commission may require of the applicant such additional information as it deems appropriate for the proper consideration and disposition of his application.