28 CFR § 41.4 - Issuance of agency regulations.

§ 41.4 Issuance of agency regulations.

(a) Each agency shall issue, after notice and opportunity for comment, a regulation to implement section 504 with respect to the programs and activities to which it provides assistance. The regulation shall be consistent with this part.

(b) Each agency shall issue a notice of proposed rulemaking no later than 90 days after the effective date of this part. Each agency shall issue a final regulation no later than 135 days after the end of the period for comment on its proposed regulation: Provided, That the agency shall submit its proposed final regulation to the Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice, for review at least 45 days before it is to be issued.

(c) Each such agency regulation shall:

(1) Define appropriate terms, consistent with the definitions set forth in § 41.3 and with the standards for determining who are handicapped persons set forth in subpart B of this part; and

(2) Prohibit discriminatory practices against qualified handicapped persons in employment and in the provision of aid, benefits, or services, consistent with the guidelines set forth in subpart C of this part.

The regulation shall include, where appropriate, specific provisions adapted to the particular programs and activities receiving financial assistance from the agency.
[43 FR 2132, Jan. 13, 1978. Redesignated and amended at 46 FR 40686, 40687, Aug. 11, 1981]