28 CFR § 48.6 - Public notice.

§ 48.6 Public notice.

(a) Upon the filing of the documents required by § 48.4, the applicants shall file, and publish on the front pages of each of the newspapers for which application is made, daily and Sunday (if a Sunday edition is published) for a period of one week:

(1) Notice that a request for approval of a joint newspaper operating arrangement has been filed with the Attorney General;

(2) Notice that copies of the proposed arrangement, as well as all other documents submitted pursuant to § 48.4, are available for public inspection at the Department of Justice and at the main offices of the newspapers involved; and

(3) Notice that any person may file written comments or a request for a hearing with the Department of Justice, in accordance with the requirements of § 48.3.

(b) Upon the filing of the notice required in paragraph (a) of this section, the Assistant Attorney General for Administration shall cause notice to be published in the Federal Register, and shall cause to be issued a press release setting forth the information contained therein.

(c) If a hearing is scheduled pursuant to § 48.10, the applicants shall publish the time, date, place and purpose of such hearing on their respective front pages at least three times within the 2-week period after the hearing has been scheduled (two times if the applicants are weekly newspapers), and for the 3 days preceding such hearing (one day during the week preceding the hearing if the applicants are weekly newspapers).

(d) The applicants shall file copies of each day's newspaper in which the notice required in paragraph (a) or (c) of this section has appeared.