28 CFR § 5.205 - Termination of registration.

§ 5.205 Termination of registration.

(a) A registrant shall, within 30 days after the termination of his obligation to register, file a final statement on the supplemental statement form with the Registration Unit for the final period of the agency relationship not covered by any previous statement.

(b) Registration under the Act shall be terminated upon the filing of a final statement, if the registrant has fully discharged all his obligations under the Act.

(c) A registrant whose activities on behalf of each of his foreign principals become confined to those for which an exemption under section 3 of the Act is available may file a final statement notwithstanding the continuance of the agency relationship with the foreign principals.

(d) Registration under the Act may be terminated upon a finding that the registrant is unable to file the appropriate forms to terminate the registration as a result of the death, disability, or dissolution of the registrant or where the requirements of the Act cannot be fulfilled by a continuation of the registration.

(28 U.S.C. 509 and 510; 5 U.S.C. 301)
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