28 CFR § 524.41 - Types of progress reports.

§ 524.41 Types of progress reports.

The Bureau of Prisons prepares the following types of progress reports.

(a) Initial Hearing - prepared for an inmate's initial parole hearing when progress has not been summarized within the previous 180 days.

(b) Statutory Interim/Two-Thirds Review - prepared for a parole hearing conducted 18 or 24 months following a hearing at which no effective parole date was established, or for a two-thirds review (see 28 CFR 2.53) unless the inmate has waived the parole hearing.

(c) Pre-Release -

(1) Record Review - prepared for and mailed to the appropriate Parole Commission office at least eight months prior to the inmate's presumptive parole date.

(2) Final - prepared at least 90 days prior to the release of an offender to a term of supervision.

(d) Transfer report - prepared on an inmate transferring to community confinement or any non-Bureau facility.

(e) Other - prepared for any reason other than those previously stated in this section. The reason (e.g., court request, clemency review) is specified in the report.

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