28 CFR § 524.42 - Content of progress reports.

§ 524.42 Content of progress reports.

Staff shall include the following in each progress report:

(a) Institution (full name) and Date;

(b) Type of Progress Report;

(c) Committed name;

(d) Registration number;

(e) Age;

(f) Present security and custody level;

(g) Offense(s) for which committed;

(h) Sentence;

(i) Date sentence began;

(j) Time served to date, including jail time credit;

(k) Good conduct time/Extra good time earned;

(l) Statutory good time withheld or forfeited; Disallowed good conduct time;

(m) Projected release date;

(n) Most recent Parole Commission action, including any special conditions or requirements (if applicable);

(o) Detainers and pending charges on file;

(p) Institutional adjustment; this ordinarily includes information on the inmate's:

(1) Program plans;

(2) Work assignments and skills acquired;

(3) Educational/vocational participation;

(4) Counseling programs;

(5) Incident reports;

(6) Institutional movement;

(7) Physical and mental health, including any significant mental or physical health problems, and any corrective action taken; and

(8) Financial responsibility.

(q) Release planning:

(1) Where appropriate, staff shall request that the inmate provide a specific release plan;

(2) Staff shall identify available release resources (including CCC) and any particular problem that may be present in release planning.

[59 FR 6857, Feb. 11, 1994]