28 CFR 545.24 - Inmate work conditions.

§ 545.24 Inmate work conditions.

(a) The scheduled work day for an inmate in a federal institution ordinarily consists of a minimum of seven hours.

(b) An inmate is expected to report to the place of assignment at the required time. An inmate may not leave an assignment without permission.

(c) An inmate, regardless of assignment, is expected to perform all assigned tasks diligently and conscientiously. Disciplinary action may be taken against an inmate who refuses to work, who otherwise evades attendance and performance standards in assigned activities, or who encourages others to do so.

(d) Work, vocational, and education programs are to meet the appropriate minimum standards for health and safety. Safety equipment is to be available where needed.

(e) An inmate is expected to perform the work assignment in a safe manner, using safety equipment as instructed by the work supervisor. In the event of any work related injury, the inmate shall notify the work supervisor so that appropriate action (for example, medical attention, and submission of necessary reports) may be taken.

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