28 CFR 545.25 - Eligibility for performance pay.

§ 545.25 Eligibility for performance pay.

(a) An inmate may receive performance pay for accomplishments in one or more of the following areas:

(1) Institution work assignment;

(2) Literacy program (GED) participation;

(3) Apprenticeship training; and

(4) Vocational training courses (approved by the Bureau of Prisons as certified vocational training instruction).

(b) An inmate is eligible for performance pay from the date of work or program assignment. An inmate is eligible to receive performance pay for each month that the inmate's performance justifies such payment.

(c) An inmate who refuses to participate in the financial responsibility program shall not ordinarily receive performance pay above the maintenance pay level, or bonus pay, or vacation pay in accordance with 28 CFR part 545, subpart B.

(d) An inmate who refuses participation, withdraws, is expelled, or otherwise fails attendance requirements of the drug abuse education course or the RDAP is subject to the limitations specified in § 550.51(e) or § 550.53(g) of this chapter.

(e) Inmates receiving performance pay who are found through the disciplinary process ( part 541 of this subchapter) to have committed a level 100 or 200 series drug- or alcohol-related prohibited act will automatically have their performance pay reduced to maintenance pay level and will be removed from any assigned work detail outside the secure perimeter of the institution. This reduction to maintenance pay level, and removal from assigned work detail outside the secure perimeter of the institution, will ordinarily remain in effect for one year, unless otherwise authorized by the Warden.

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