28 CFR § 551.60 - Volunteer community service projects.

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§ 551.60 Volunteer community service projects.

(a) A volunteer community service project is a project sponsored and developed by local government or by a nonprofit charitable organization, submitted to the institution, and recommended by the Warden for approval of the Regional Director. Volunteer community service projects are designed to provide for the public good in keeping with the overall goals of the community, such as community-wide beautification or public safety. The sponsoring organization is responsible for certifying to the Bureau that the community service project does not displace regular employees, supplant employment opportunities ordinarily available within the sponsoring organization, or impair contracts for services. These projects are not work assignments. Any inmate who chooses to participate does so voluntarily, and may not receive performance pay or any other salaried compensation for participation in the project, nor be eligible to submit a claim under the provisions of the Inmate Accident Compensation Program.

(b) An inmate may volunteer to participate in a community service project by submitting a written request for the Warden's approval. The inmate must have custody classification appropriate for the project and be otherwise eligible for the conditions of the project. The decision of the Warden to approve or disapprove an inmate's request shall be documented in writing.

(c) An inmate may appeal the Warden's decision through the Administrative Remedy Procedure (see 28 CFR part 542).

[58 FR 5210, Jan. 19, 1993]