28 CFR 570.33 - Justification for furlough.

§ 570.33 Justification for furlough.

The Warden or designee may authorize a furlough, for 30 calendar days or less, for an inmate to:

(a) Transfer directly to another Bureau institution, a non-federal facility, or community confinement;

(b) Be present during a crisis in the immediate family, or in other urgent situations;

(c) Participate in the development of release plans;

(d) Establish or reestablish family and community ties;

(e) Participate in selected educational, social, civic, and religious activities which will facilitate release transition;

(f) Appear in court in connection with a civil action;

(g) Comply with an official request to appear before a grand jury, or to comply with a request from a legislative body, or regulatory or licensing agency;

(h) Appear in or prepare for a criminal court proceeding, but only when the use of a furlough is requested or recommended by the applicable court or prosecuting attorney;

(i) Participate in special training courses or in institution work assignments, including Federal Prison Industries (FPI) work assignments, when daily commuting from the institution is not feasible; or

(j) Receive necessary medical, surgical, psychiatric, or dental treatment not otherwise available.

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