28 CFR § 700.16 - Access to records.

§ 700.16 Access to records.

(a) Manner of access. The Office, once it has made a determination to grant a request for access, shall grant the requester access to the requested record by -

(1) Providing the requester with a copy of the record or

(2) Making the record available for inspection by the requester at a reasonable time and place.

The Office shall in either case charge the requester applicable fees in accordance with the provisions of § 700.17. If the Office provides access to a record by making the record available for inspection by the requester, the manner of such inspection shall not unreasonably disrupt the operations of the Office.

(b) Accompanying person. A requester appearing in person to review his records may be accompanied by another individual of his own choosing. Both the requester and the accompanying person shall be required to sign a form stating that the Office of Independent Counsel is authorized to disclose the record in the presence of both individuals.