28 CFR § 76.11 - Notice of hearing.

§ 76.11 Notice of hearing.

(a) When the Judge receives the complaint and answer, the Judge shall cause to be served a Notice of Hearing upon the parties in the manner prescribed by 28 CFR 76.6(d).

(b) Such notice shall include:

(1) The time and place and nature of the hearing. In fixing the time and place of the hearing, the Judge will attempt to minimize the costs to the parties;

(2) The legal authority and jurisdiction under which the hearing is to be held;

(3) The description of the procedures for the conduct of the hearing;

(4) A notice that the respondent party may waive the right to an oral hearing and request that the matter be determined on written motions and written submission of the evidence; and

(5) Such other matters as the Judge deems appropriate.