28 CFR § 76.12 - Prehearing statements.

§ 76.12 Prehearing statements.

(a) At any time prior to the commencement of the hearing, the Judge may order any party to file a prehearing statement of position.

(b) A prehearing statement shall state the name of the party on whose behalf it is presented and shall briefly set forth the following matters, unless otherwise ordered by the Judge:

(1) Issues involved in the proceedings and whether the respondent requests an oral hearing;

(2) Facts stipulated;

(3) Facts in dispute;

(4) Witnesses, except to the extent that disclosure would be privileged, and exhibits by which disputed facts will be litigated;

(5) A brief statement of applicable law;

(6) The conclusions to be drawn;

(7) The estimated time required for presentation of the party's case; and

(8) Any appropriate comments, suggestions, or information which might assist the parties or the Judge in preparing for the hearing or otherwise aid in the disposition of the proceeding.