28 CFR § 76.16 - Disqualification of a Judge.

§ 76.16 Disqualification of a Judge.

(a) When a Judge deems himself or herself disqualified to preside in a particular proceeding, such Judge shall withdraw therefrom by notice on the record directed to the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer for the district in which the case is brought or, if there is no Chief Administrative Hearing Officer, to the Attorney General.

(b) Whenever any party shall deem the Judge for any reason to be disqualified to preside, or to continue to preside, in a particular proceeding, that party shall file with the Judge a motion to recuse. The motion shall be supported by an affidavit setting forth the alleged grounds for disqualification. The Judge shall rule upon the motion.

(c) In the event of disqualification or recusal of a Judge as provided in paragraph (a) or (b) of this section, the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer or the Attorney General shall refer the matter to another Judge for further proceedings.

(d) If the Judge denies a motion to disqualify, the Attorney General may determine the matter only as part of the Attorney General's review of the initial decision on appeal, if any.