28 CFR § 76.30 - Evidence.

§ 76.30 Evidence.

(a) The Judge shall determine the admissibility of evidence.

(b) Except as provided in this part, the Judge shall not be bound by the Federal Rules of Evidence. However, the Judge may apply the Federal Rules of Evidence where appropriate, e.g., to exclude unreliable evidence.

(c) The Judge shall exclude irrelevant and immaterial evidence.

(d) Although relevant, evidence may be excluded if its probative value is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice, confusion of the issues, or by considerations of undue delay or needless presentation of cumulative evidence.

(e) Relevant evidence may be excluded if it is privileged under federal law.

(f) Evidence concerning offers of compromise or settlement shall be inadmissible to the extent provided in Rule 408 of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

(g) The Judge shall permit the parties to introduce rebuttal witnesses and evidence.

(h) All documents and other evidence offered or taken for the record shall be open to examination by all parties, unless otherwise ordered by the Judge pursuant to 28 CFR 76.27.