28 CFR § 8.3 - Seizing property subject to forfeiture.

(a) Authority of seizing agents. All special agents of any seizing agency may seize assets under any federal statute over which the agency has investigative or forfeiture jurisdiction.

(b) Turnover of assets seized by state and local agencies.

(1) Property that is seized by a state or local law enforcement agency and transferred to a seizing agency for administrative or civil forfeiture may be adopted for administrative forfeiture without the issuance of any federal seizure warrant or other federal judicial process.

(2) Where a state or local law enforcement agency maintains custody of property pursuant to process issued by a state or local judicial authority, and notifies a seizing agency of the impending release of such property, the seizing agency may seek and obtain a federal seizure warrant in anticipation of a state or local judicial authority releasing the asset from state process for purposes of federal seizure, and may execute such seizure warrant when the state or local law enforcement agency releases the property as allowed or directed by its judicial authority.

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