28 CFR § 93.4 - Grant authority.

§ 93.4 Grant authority.

(a) The Assistant Attorney General may make grants to States, State courts, local courts, units of local government, and Indian tribal governments, acting directly or through agreements with other public or private entities, for programs that involve:

(1) Continuing judicial supervision over offenders with substance abuse problems who are not violent offenders, and

(2) The integrated administration of other sanctions and services, which shall include -

(i) Mandatory periodic testing for the use of controlled substances or other addictive substances during any period of supervised release or probation for each participant;

(ii) Substance abuse treatment for each participant;

(iii) Diversion, probation, or other supervised release involving the possibility of prosecution, confinement, or incarceration based on noncompliance with program requirements or failure to show satisfactory progress; and

(iv) Programmatic, offender management, and aftercare services such as relapse prevention, health care, education, vocational training, job placement, housing placement, and child care or other family support services for each participant who requires such services.

(b) Applications for grants under this program shall be made at such times and in such form as may be specified in guidelines or notices published by the Assistant Attorney General. Applications will be evaluated according to the statutory requirements of the Act and the programmatic goals specified in the applicable guidelines. Grantees must comply with all statutory and program requirements applicable to grants under this program.

(c) The funds provided under this part shall be administered in compliance with the standards set forth in part 38 (Equal Treatment for Faith-based Organizations) of this chapter.

[60 FR 32105, June 20, 1995, as amended by Order No. 2703-2004, 69 FR 2841, Jan. 21, 2004]