29 CFR § 0.737-7 - Hearing rights.

§ 0.737-7 Hearing rights.

(a) The following rights shall be afforded at a hearing conducted before the Examiner:

(1) To represent oneself or to be represented by counsel,

(2) To introduce and examine witnesses and to submit physical evidence,

(3) To confront and cross-examine adverse witnesses,

(4) To present oral argument; and

(5) To obtain a transcript or recording of proceedings, on request.

(b) In a hearing under this subpart, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence do not apply. However, the Examiner may make orders and determinations regarding discovery, admissability of evidence, conduct of examination and cross-examination, and similar matters as the Examiner deems necessary or appropriate to ensure orderliness of the proceedings and fundamental fairness to the parties.

(c) In any proceeding under this subpart, the Department must establish any violation by a preponderance of the evidence.