29 CFR § 101.12 - Board decision and order.

§ 101.12 Board decision and order.

(a) If any party files exceptions to the administrative law judge's decision, the Board, with the assistance of the staff counsel to each Board Member who function in much the same manner as law clerks do for judges, reviews the entire record, including the administrative law judge's decision and recommendations, the exceptions thereto, the complete transcript of evidence, and the exhibits, briefs, and arguments. The Board does not consult with members of the administrative law judge's staff of the division of judges or with any agent of the General Counsel in its deliberations. It then issues its decision and order in which it may adopt, modify, or reject the findings and recommendations of the administrative law judge. The decision and order contains detailed findings of fact, conclusions of law, and basic reasons for decision on all material issues raised, and an order either dismissing the complaint in whole or in part or requiring the respondent to cease and desist from its unlawful practices and to take appropriate affirmative action.

(b) If no exceptions are filed, the administrative law judge's decision and recommended order automatically become the decision and order of the Board pursuant to section 10(c) of the Act. All objections and exceptions, whether or not previously made during or after the hearing, are deemed waived for all purposes.

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