29 CFR § 101.14 - Judicial review of Board decision and order.

§ 101.14 Judicial review of Board decision and order.

If the respondent does not comply with the Board's order, or the Board deems it desirable to implement the order with a court judgment, the Board may petition the appropriate Federal court for enforcement. Or, the respondent or any person aggrieved by a final order of the Board may petition the circuit court of appeals to review and set aside the Board's order. If a petition for review is filed, the respondent or aggrieved person must ensure that the Board receives, by service upon its Deputy Associate General Counsel of the Appellate Court Branch, a court-stamped copy of the petition with the date of filing. Upon such review or enforcement proceedings, the court reviews the record and the Board's findings and order and sustains them if they are in accordance with the requirements of law. The court may enforce, modify, or set aside in whole or in part the Board's findings and order, or it may remand the case to the Board for further proceedings as directed by the court. Following the court's judgment, either the Government or the private party may petition the Supreme Court for review upon writ of certiorari. Such applications for review to the Supreme Court are handled by the Board through the Solicitor General of the United States.

[53 FR 24440, June 29, 1988]

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