29 CFR § 102.15 - When and by whom issued; contents; service.

§ 102.15 When and by whom issued; contents; service.

After a charge has been filed, if it appears to the Regional Director that formal proceedings may be instituted, the Director will issue and serve on all parties a formal complaint in the Board's name stating the alleged unfair labor practices and containing a Notice of Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge at a fixed place and at a time not less than 14 days after the service of the complaint. The complaint will contain:

(a) A clear and concise statement of the facts upon which the Board asserts jurisdiction, and

(b) A clear and concise description of the acts which are claimed to constitute unfair labor practices, including, where known, the approximate dates and places of such acts and the names of Respondent's agents or other representatives who committed the acts.