29 CFR § 102.19 - Appeal to the General Counsel from refusal to issue or reissue.

§ 102.19 Appeal to the General Counsel from refusal to issue or reissue.

(a) If, after the charge has been filed, the Regional Director declines to issue a complaint or, having withdrawn a complaint pursuant to § 102.18, refuses to reissue it, the Director will so advise the parties in writing, accompanied by a simple statement of the procedural or other grounds for that action. The Charging Party may obtain a review of such action by filing the “Appeal Form” with the General Counsel in Washington, DC, and filing a copy of the “Appeal Form” with the Regional Director, within 14 days from the service of the notice of such refusal to issue or reissue by the Regional Director, except where a shorter period is provided by § 102.81. The Charging Party may also file a statement setting forth the facts and reasons upon which the appeal is based. If such a statement is timely filed, the separate “Appeal Form” need not be served. A request for extension of time to file an appeal must be in writing and be received by the General Counsel, and a copy of such request filed with the Regional Director, prior to the expiration of the filing period. Copies of the acknowledgment of the filing of an appeal and of any ruling on a request for an extension of time for filing of the appeal must be served on all parties. Consideration of an appeal untimely filed is within the discretion of the General Counsel upon good cause shown.

(b) Oral presentation in Washington, DC, of the appeal issues may be permitted by a party on written request made within 4 days after service of acknowledgement of the filing of an appeal. In the event such request is granted, the other parties must be notified and afforded, without additional request, a like opportunity at another appropriate time.

(c) The General Counsel may sustain the Regional Director's refusal to issue or reissue a complaint, stating the grounds of the affirmance, or may direct the Regional Director to take further action; the General Counsel's decision must be served on all the parties. A motion for reconsideration of the decision must be filed within 14 days of service of the decision, except as hereinafter provided, and must state with particularity the error requiring reconsideration. A motion for reconsideration based upon newly discovered evidence which has become available only since the decision on appeal must be filed promptly on discovery of such evidence. Motions for reconsideration of a decision previously reconsidered will not be entertained, except in unusual situations where the moving party can establish that new evidence has been discovered which could not have been discovered by diligent inquiry prior to the first reconsideration.