29 CFR § 102.56 - Answer to compliance specification.

§ 102.56 Answer to compliance specification.

(a) Filing and service of answer to compliance specification. Each Respondent alleged in the specification to have compliance obligations must, within 21 days from the service of the specification, file an answer with the Regional Director issuing the specification, and must immediately serve a copy on the other parties.

(b) Form and contents of answer. The answer to the specification must be in writing, signed and sworn to by the Respondent or by a duly authorized agent with appropriate power of attorney affixed, and contain the address of the Respondent. The answer must specifically admit, deny, or explain each allegation of the specification, unless the Respondent is without knowledge, in which case the Respondent must so state, such statement operating as a denial. Denials must fairly meet the substance of the allegations of the specification at issue. When a Respondent intends to deny only a part of an allegation, the Respondent must specify so much of it as is true and deny only the remainder. As to all matters within the knowledge of the Respondent, including but not limited to the various factors entering into the computation of gross backpay, a general denial will not suffice. As to such matters, if the Respondent disputes either the accuracy of the figures in the specification or the premises on which they are based, the answer must specifically state the basis for such disagreement, setting forth in detail the Respondent's position and furnishing the appropriate supporting figures.

(c) Failure to answer or to plead specifically and in detail to backpay allegations of specification. If the Respondent fails to file any answer to the specification within the time prescribed by this section, the Board may, either with or without taking evidence in support of the allegations of the specification and without further notice to the Respondent, find the specification to be true and enter such order as may be appropriate. If the Respondent files an answer to the specification but fails to deny any allegation of the specification in the manner required by paragraph (b) of this section, and the failure to deny is not adequately explained, such allegation will be deemed admitted as true, and may be so found by the Board without the taking of evidence supporting such allegation, and the Respondent will be precluded from introducing any evidence controverting the allegation.

(d) Extension of time for filing answer to specification. Upon the Regional Director's own motion or upon proper cause shown by any Respondent, the Regional Director issuing the compliance specification may, by written order, extend the time within which the answer to the specification must be filed.

(e) Amendment to answer. Following the amendment of the specification by the Regional Director, any Respondent affected by the amendment may amend its answer.