29 CFR § 102.99 - Contents of petition for advisory opinion.

§ 102.99 Contents of petition for advisory opinion.

(a) A petition for an advisory opinion, when filed by an agency or court of a State or territory, must allege the following:

(1) The name of the agency or court.

(2) The names of the parties to the proceeding and the docket number.

(3) The nature of the proceeding, and the need for the Board's opinion on the jurisdictional issue to the proceeding.

(4) The general nature of the business involved in the proceeding and, where appropriate, the nature of and details concerning the employing enterprise.

(5) The findings of the agency or court or, in the absence of findings, a statement of the evidence relating to the commerce operations of such business and, where appropriate, to the nature of the employing enterprise.

(b) The petition or request must be submitted to the Board in Washington, DC.

[82 FR 11767, Feb. 24, 2017]