29 CFR 1404.11 - Nominations of arbitrators.

§ 1404.11 Nominations of arbitrators.

(a) The parties may also report a randomly selected panel containing the names of seven (7) arbitrators accompanied by a biographical sketch for each member of the panel. This sketch states the background, qualifications, experience, and all fees as furnished to the OAS by the arbitrator. Requests for a panel of seven (7) arbitrators, whether joint or unilateral, will be honored. Requests for a panel of other than seven (7) names, for a direct appointment of an arbitrator, for special qualifications or other service will not be honored unless jointly submitted or authorized by the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Alternatively, the parties may request a list and biographical sketches of some or all arbitrators in one or more designated geographical areas. If the parties can agree on the selection of an arbitrator, they may appoint their own arbitrator directly without any further case tracking by FMCS. No case number will be assigned.

(b) All panels submitted to the parties by the OAS, and all letters issued by the OAS making a direct appointment, will have an assigned FMCS case number. All future communications between the parties and the OAS should refer to this case number.

(c) The OAS will provide a randomly selected panel of arbitrators located in geographical areas in proximity of the hearing site. The parties may request special qualification of arbitrators experienced in certain issues or industries or that possess certain backgrounds. The OAS has no obligation to put an individual on any given panel or on a minimum number of panels in any fixed period. In general:

(1) The geographic location of arbitrators placed on panels is governed by the site of the dispute as stated on the request received by the OAS.

(2) If at any time both parties request that a name or names be included, or omitted, from a panel, such name or names will be included, or omitted, unless the number of names is excessive. These inclusions/exclusions may not discriminate against anyone because of age, race, color, gender, national origin, disability, or religion.

(d) If the parties do not agree on an arbitrator from the first panel, the OAS will furnish second and third panels to the parties upon joint request, or upon a unilateral request if authorized by the applicable collective bargaining agreement, and payment of additional fees. Requests for second or third panels should be accompanied by a brief explanation as to why the previous panel(s) was inadequate. In addition, if parties are unable to agree on a selection after having received three panels, the OAS will make a direct appointment upon joint request.

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