29 CFR § 1404.3 - Administrative responsibilities.

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§ 1404.3 Administrative responsibilities.

(a) Director. The Director of FMCS has responsibility for all aspects of FMCS arbitration activities and is the final agency authority on all questions concerning the Roster and FMCS arbitration procedures.

(b) Office of Arbitration. The Office of Arbitration (OA) maintains the Roster; administers subpart C of this part (Procedures for Arbitration Services); assists, promotes, and cooperates in the establishment of programs for training and developing new arbitrators; and provides names or panels of names of listed arbitrators to parties requesting them.

(c) Arbitrator Review Board. The Arbitrator Review Board (Board) shall consist of a chair and members appointed by the Director who shall serve at the Director's pleasure. The Board shall be composed entirely of full-time officers or employees of the Federal Government and shall establish procedures for carrying out its duties.

(1) Duties of the Board. The Board shall:

(i) Review the qualifications of all applicants for listing on the Roster, interpreting and applying the criteria set forth in § 1404.5;

(ii) Review the status of all persons whose continued eligibility for listing on the Roster has been questioned under § 1404.5;

(iii) Recommend to the Director the acceptance or rejection of applicants for listing on the Roster, or the withdrawal of listing on the Roster for any of the reasons set forth in this part;

(iv) At the request of the Director, or upon its own volition, review arbitration policies and procedures, including all regulations and written guidance regarding the use of Roster arbitrators, and make recommendations regarding such policies and procedures to the Director.

(2) [Reserved]