29 CFR § 1917.30 - Emergency action plans.

§ 1917.30 Emergency action plans.

(a) Emergency action plans -

(1) Scope and application. This paragraph (a) requires all employers to develop and implement an emergency action plan. 3a The emergency action plan shall be in writing (except as provided in paragraph (a)(5)(iv) of this section) and shall cover those designated actions employers and employees must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergencies.

3a When an employer directs his employees to respond to an emergency that is beyond the scope of the Emergency Action Plan developed in accordance with this section, then § 1910.120(q) of this chapter shall apply.

(2) Elements. The following elements, at a minimum, shall be included in the plan:

(i) Emergency escape procedures and emergency escape route assignments;

(ii) Procedures to be followed by employees who remain to operate critical plant operations before they evacuate;

(iii) Procedures to account for all employees after emergency evacuation has been completed;

(iv) Rescue and medical duties for those employees who are to perform them;

(v) The preferred means of reporting fires and other emergencies; and

(vi) Names or regular job titles of persons or departments that can be contacted for further information or explanation of duties under the plan.

(3) Alarm system. The employer shall establish an employee alarm system that provides warning for necessary emergency action and for reaction time for safe escape of employees from the workplace or the immediate work area.

(4) Evacuation. The employer shall establish the types of evacuation to be used in emergency circumstances.

(5) Training.

(i) Before implementing the emergency action plan, the employer shall designate and train a sufficient number of persons to assist in the safe and orderly emergency evacuation of employees.

(ii) The employer shall review the plan with each employee covered by the plan at the following times:

(A) Initially when the plan is developed;

(B) Whenever the employee's responsibilities or designated actions under the plan change; and

(C) Whenever the plan is changed.

(iii) The employer shall review with each employee upon initial assignment those parts of the plan that the employee must know to protect the employee in the event of an emergency. The written plan shall be kept at the workplace and be made available for employee review.

(iv) Employers with 10 or fewer employees may communicate the plan orally to employees and need not maintain a written plan

(b) [Reserved]

[62 FR 40198, July 25, 1997, as amended at 65 FR 40938, June 30, 2000]