29 CFR § 2700.1 - Scope; applicability of other rules; construction.

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§ 2700.1 Scope; applicability of other rules; construction.

(a) Scope.

(1) This part sets forth rules applicable to proceedings before the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (“the Commission”) and its Administrative Law Judges. The Commission is an adjudicative agency that provides administrative trial and appellate review of legal disputes arising under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, 30 U.S.C. 801 et seq. (“the Act”). The Commission is an independent agency, not a part of nor affiliated in any way with the U.S. Department of Labor or its Mine Safety and Health Administration (“MSHA”). The location of the Commission's headquarters is at 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Suite 520N, Washington, DC 20004-1710; its primary phone number is 202-434-9900; and the fax number of its Docket Office is 202-434-9954. The Commission maintains a Web site at http://www.fmshrc.gov where these rules, recent and many past decisions of the Commission and its Judges, and other information regarding the Commission, can be accessed.

(2) Unless the Commission provides otherwise, amendments to these rules are effective 60 days following publication in the Federal Register, and apply to cases initiated after they take effect. They also apply to further proceedings in cases pending on the effective date, except to the extent that application of the amended rules would not be feasible, or would work injustice, in which event the former rules of procedure would continue to apply.

(b) Applicability of other rules. On any procedural question not regulated by the Act, these Procedural Rules, or the Administrative Procedure Act (particularly 5 U.S.C. 554 and 556), the Commission and its Judges shall be guided so far as practicable by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure.

(c) Construction. These rules shall be construed to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of all proceedings, and to encourage the participation of miners and their representatives. Wherever the masculine gender is used in these rules, the feminine gender is also implied.

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