29 CFR § 2700.75 - Briefs.

§ 2700.75 Briefs.

(a) Time to file -

(1) Opening and response briefs. Within 30 days after the Commission grants a petition for discretionary review, the petitioner shall file his opening brief. If the petitioner desires, he may notify the Commission and all other parties within the 30-day period that his petition and any supporting memorandum are to constitute his brief. Other parties may file response briefs within 30 days after the petitioner's brief is served. If the Commission directs review on its own motion, all parties shall file any opening briefs within 30 days of the direction for review. In such cases, a party may file a response brief within 20 days after service of the opposing party's opening brief.

(2) Reply briefs. In cases where the Commission has granted a petition for discretionary review, the petitioner may file a reply brief within 20 days after the service of the response briefs.

(b) Additional briefs. No further briefs shall be filed except by leave of the Commission.

(c) Length of brief. Except by permission of the Commission and for good cause shown, opening and response briefs shall not exceed 35 pages, and reply briefs shall not exceed 15 pages. A brief of an amicus curiae shall not exceed 25 pages. A brief of an intervenor shall not exceed the page limitation applicable to the party whose position it supports in affirming or reversing the Judge, or if a different position is taken, such brief shall not exceed 25 pages. Tables of contents or authorities shall not be counted against the length of a brief.

(d) Motion for extension of time. A motion for an extension of time to file a brief shall comply with § 2700.9. The Commission may decline to accept a brief that is not timely filed.

(e) Consequences of petitioner's failure to file brief. If a petitioner fails to timely file a brief or to designate the petition as his brief, the direction for review may be vacated.

(f) Motion for leave to exceed page limit. A motion requesting leave to exceed the page limit for a brief shall be received not less than 3 days prior to the date the brief is due to be filed, shall state the total number of pages proposed, and shall comply with § 2700.10. Filing of a motion requesting an extension of page limit is effective upon receipt. The motion and any statement in opposition shall include proof of service on all parties by a means of delivery no less expeditious than that used for filing the motion, except that if service by electronic transmission (email) is impossible, the filing party must serve in person, by third party commercial carrier, or by facsimile transmission, resulting in same-day delivery.

(g) Number of copies. Unless otherwise ordered or stated in this part, only the original of a document shall be filed.

(h) Table of contents. Each opening and response brief filed with the Commission shall contain a table of contents. Unless otherwise ordered by the Commission, a party is not required to submit a table of contents for a previously filed petition for discretionary review that has been designated as the party's opening brief pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section.

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