29 CFR 34.46 - Final Determination.

§ 34.46 Final Determination.
(a) The Director shall conclude that compliance cannot be secured through informal means when:
(1) The grant applicant or recipient fails or refuses to correct the violation(s) within the applicable time period established by the Letter of Findings, Notice to Show Cause or Initial Determination; or
(2) The Director has not approved an extension of time in which to secure voluntary compliance, pursuant to § 34.45(a)(2)(i)(B), and:
(i) Has not received notification pursuant to § 34.45(a)(2)(iii) that voluntary compliance has been achieved; or
(ii) Has disapproved a written assurance or Conciliation Agreement, pursuant to § 34.45(a)(2)(iv); or
(iii) Has received notice from the Governor, pursuant to § 34.44(a)(2)(ii), that voluntary compliance cannot be achieved.
(b) Upon so concluding, the Director may:
(1) Issue a Final Determination which shall:
(i) Specify the efforts made to achieve voluntary compliance and indicate that those efforts have been unsuccessful;
(ii) Identify those matters upon which the Directorate and the grant applicant or recipient continue to disagree;
(iii) List any modifications to the findings of fact or conclusions set forth in the Initial Determination, Notice to Show Cause or Letter of Findings;
(iv) Determine the liability of the grant applicant or recipient, as applicable, and establish the extent of the liability, as appropriate;
(v) Describe the corrective or remedial action that must be taken for the grant applicant or recipient to come into compliance;
(vi) Indicate that the failure of the grant applicant or recipient to come into compliance within 10 days of the receipt of the Final Determination may result, after opportunity for a hearing, in the termination or denial of the grant, or discontinuation of assistance, as appropriate, or in referral to the Department of Justice with a request to file suit;
(vii) Advise the grant applicant or recipient of the right to request a hearing, and reference the applicable procedures at § 34.51; and
(viii) Determine the Governor's liability, if any, in accordance with the provisions of § 34.32; or
(2) Refer the matter to the Attorney General with a recommendation that an appropriate civil action be instituted; or
(3) Take such other action as may be provided by law.

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