29 CFR 34.50 - General.

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§ 34.50 General.
(a) Sanctions; judicial enforcement. If, following issuance of a Final Determination pursuant to § 34.46, or a Notification of Breach of Conciliation Agreement pursuant to § 34.48, compliance has not been achieved, the Secretary may:
(1) After opportunity for a hearing, suspend, terminate, deny or discontinue the Federal financial assistance under JTPA, in whole or in part;
(2) Refer the matter to the Attorney General with a recommendation that an appropriate civil action be instituted; or
(3) Take such action as may be provided by law.
(b) Deferral of new grants. When termination proceedings under § 34.51 have been initiated, the Department may defer action on applications for new financial assistance under JTPA until a Final Decision under § 34.52 has been rendered. Deferral is not appropriate when financial assistance under JTPA is due and payable under a previously approved application.
(1) New Federal financial assistance under JTPA includes all assistance for which an application or approval, including renewal or continuation of existing activities, or authorization of new activities, is required during the deferral period.
(2) New Federal financial assistance under JTPA does not include assistance approved prior to the beginning of termination proceedings or increases in funding as a result of changed computations of formula awards.

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