29 CFR § 4.105 - The Act as amended.

§ 4.105 The Act as amended.

(a) The provisions of the Act (see §§ 4.102-4.103) were amended, effective October 9, 1972, by Public Law 92-473, signed into law by the President on that date. By virtue of amendments made to paragraphs (1) and (2) of section 2(a) and the addition to section 4 of a new subsection (c), the compensation standards of the Act (see §§ 4.159-4.179) were revised to impose on successor contractors certain requirements (see § 4.1b) with respect to payment of wage rates and fringe benefits based on those agreed upon for substantially the same services in the same locality in collective bargaining agreements entered into by their predecessor contractors (unless such agreed compensation is substantially at variance with that locally prevailing or the agreement was not negotiated at arm's length). The Secretary of Labor is to give effect to the provisions of such collective bargaining agreements in his wage determinations under section 2 of the Act. A new paragraph (5) added to section 2(a) of the Act requires a statement in the government service contract of the rates that would be paid by the contracting agency in the event of its direct employment of those classes of service employees to be employed on the contract work who, if directly employed by the agency, would receive wages determined as provided in 5 U.S.C. 5341. The Secretary of Labor is directed to give due consideration to such rates in determining prevailing monetary wages and fringe benefits under the Act's provisions. Other provisions of the 1972 amendments include the addition of a new section 10 to the Act to insure that wage determinations are issued by the Secretary for substantially all service contracts subject to section 2(a) of the Act at the earliest administratively feasible time; an amendment to section 4(b) of the Act to provide, in addition to the conditions previously specified for issuance of administrative limitations, variations, tolerances, and exemptions (see § 4.123), that administrative action in this regard shall be taken only in special circumstances where the Secretary determines that it is in accord with the remedial purpose of the Act to protect prevailing labor standards; and a new subsection (d) added to section 4 of the Act providing for the award of service contracts for terms not more than 5 years with provision for periodic adjustment of minimum wage rates and fringe benefits payable thereunder by the issuance of wage determinations by the Secretary of Labor during the term of the contract. A further amendment to section 5(a) of the Act requires the names of contractors found to have violated the Act to be submitted for the debarment list (see § 4.188) not later than 90 days after the hearing examiner's finding of violation unless the Secretary recommends relief, and provides that such recommendations shall be made only because of unusual circumstances.

(b) The provisions of the Act were amended by Public Law 93-57, 87 Stat. 140, effective July 6, 1973, to extend the Act's coverage to Canton Island.

(c) The provisions of the Act were amended by Public Law 94-489, 90 Stat. 2358, approved October 13, 1976, to extend the Act's coverage to white collar workers. Accordingly, the minimum wage protection of the Act now extends to all workers, both blue collar and white collar, other than persons employed in a bona fide executive, administrative, or professional capacity as those terms are used in the Fair Labor Standards Act and in part 541 of title 29. Public Law 94-489 accomplished this change by adding to section 2(a)(5) of the Act a reference to 5 U.S.C. 5332, which deals with white collar workers, and by amending the definition of service contract employee in section 8(b) of the Act.

(d) Included in this part 4 and in parts 6 and 8 of this subtitle are provisions to give effect to the amendments mentioned in this section.

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