29 CFR § 4.130 - Types of covered service contracts illustrated.

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§ 4.130 Types of covered service contracts illustrated.

(a) The types of contracts, the principal purpose of which is to furnish services through the use of service employees, are too numerous and varied to permit an exhaustive listing. The following list is illustrative, however, of the types of services called for by such contracts that have been found to come within the coverage of the Act. Other examples of covered contracts are discussed in other sections of this subpart.

(1) Aerial spraying.

(2) Aerial reconnaissance for fire detection.

(3) Ambulance service.

(4) Barber and beauty shop services.

(5) Cafeteria and food service.

(6) Carpet laying (other than part of construction) and cleaning.

(7) Cataloging services.

(8) Chemical testing and analysis.

(9) Clothing alteration and repair.

(10) Computer services.

(11) Concessionaire services.

(12) Custodial, janitorial, and housekeeping services.

(13) Data collection, processing, and/or analysis services.

(14) Drafting and illustrating.

(15) Electronic equipment maintenance and operation and engineering support services.

(16) Exploratory drilling (other than part of construction).

(17) Film processing.

(18) Fire fighting and protection.

(19) Fueling services.

(20) Furniture repair and rehabilitation.

(21) Geological field surveys and testing.

(22) Grounds maintenance.

(23) Guard and watchman security service.

(24) Inventory services.

(25) Keypunching and keyverifying contracts.

(26) Laboratory analysis services.

(27) Landscaping (other than part of construction).

(28) Laundry and dry cleaning.

(29) Linen supply services.

(30) Lodging and/or meals.

(31) Mail hauling.

(32) Mailing and addressing services.

(33) Maintenance and repair of all types of equipment, e.g., aircraft, engines, electrical motors, vehicles, and electronic, telecommunications, office and related business, and construction equipment (See § 4.123(e).).

(34) Mess attendant services.

(35) Mortuary services.

(36) Motor pool operation.

(37) Nursing home services.

(38) Operation, maintenance, or logistic support of a Federal facility.

(39) Packing and crating.

(40) Parking services.

(41) Pest control.

(42) Property management.

(43) Snow removal.

(44) Stenographic reporting.

(45) Support services at military installations.

(46) Surveying and mapping services (not directly related to construction).

(47) Taxicab services.

(48) Telephone and field interview services.

(49) Tire and tube repairs.

(50) Transporting property or personnel (except as explained in § 4.118).

(51) Trash and garbage removal.

(52) Tree planting and thinning, clearing timber or brush, etc. (See also §§ 4.116(b) and 4.131(f).).

(53) Vending machine services.

(54) Visual and graphic arts.

(55) Warehousing or storage.

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