29 CFR § 4.5 - Contract specification of determined minimum wages and fringe benefits.

§ 4.5 Contract specification of determined minimum wages and fringe benefits.

(a) Any contract in excess of $2,500 shall contain, as an attachment, the applicable, currently effective wage determination specifying the minimum wages and fringe benefits for service employees to be employed thereunder, including any information referred to in paragraphs (a)(1) or (2) of this section;

(1) Any wage determination from the Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor, responsive to the contracting agency's submission of an e98 or obtained through WDOL under § 4.4; or

(2) Any revision of a wage determination issued prior to the award of the contract or contracts which specifies minimum wage rates or fringe benefits for classes of service employees whose wages or fringe benefits were not previously covered by wage determinations, or which changes previously determined minimum wage rates and fringe benefits for service employees employed on covered contracts in the locality.

(i) However, revisions received by the Federal agency later than 10 days before the opening of bids, in the case of contracts entered into pursuant to competitive bidding procedures, shall not be effective if the Federal agency finds that there is not a reasonable time still available to notify bidders of the revision.

(ii) In the case of procurements entered into pursuant to negotiations (or in the case of the execution of an option or an extension of the initial contract term), revisions received by the agency after award (or execution of an option or extension of term, as the case may be) of the contract shall not be effective provided that the contract start of performance is within 30 days of such award (or execution of an option or extension of term). Any notice of a revision received by the agency not less than 10 days before commencement of the contract shall be effective, if:

(A) The contract does not specify a start of performance date which is within 30 days from the award; and/or

(B) Performance of such procurement does not commence within this 30-day period.

(iii) In situations arising under section 4(c) of the Act, the provisions in § 4.1b(b) apply.

(3) For purposes of using WDOL databases containing prevailing wage determinations, the date of receipt by the contracting agency will be the date of publication on the WDOL Web site or on the date the agency receives actual notice of an initial or revised wage determination from the Department of Labor through the e98 process, whichever occurs first.


(1) The following exemption from the compensation requirements of section 2(a) of the Act applies, subject to the limitations set forth in paragraphs (b)(2), (3), and (4) of this section: To avoid serious impairment of the conduct of Government business it has been found necessary and proper to provide exemption from the determined wage and fringe benefits section of the Act (section 2(a)(1), (2)) but not the minimum wage specified under section 6(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended (section 2(b) of this Act), of contracts under which five or less service employees are to be employed, and for which no such wage or fringe benefit determination has been issued;

(2) The exemption provided in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, which was adopted pursuant to section 4(b) of the Act prior to its amendment by Public Law 92-473, does not extend to undetermined wages or fringe benefits in contracts for which one or more, but not all, classes of service employees are the subject of an applicable wage determination. The procedure for determination of wage rates and fringe benefits for any classes of service employees engaged in performing such contracts whose wages and fringe benefits are not specified in the applicable wage determination is set forth in § 4.6(b).

(3) The exemption provided in paragraph (b)(1) of this section does not exempt any contract from the application of the provisions of section 4(c) of the Act as amended, concerning successor contracts.

(4) The exemption provided in paragraph (b)(1) of this section does not apply to any contract for which section 10 of the Act as amended requires an applicable wage determination.

(c) Where the Department of Labor discovers and determines, whether before or subsequent to a contract award, that a contracting agency made an erroneous determination that the Service Contract Act did not apply to a particular procurement and/or failed to include an appropriate wage determination in a covered contract, the contracting agency, within 30 days of notification by the Department of Labor, shall include in the contract the stipulations contained in § 4.6 and any applicable wage determination issued by the Administrator or his authorized representative through the exercise of any and all authority that may be needed (including, where necessary, its authority to negotiate or amend, its authority to pay any necessary additional costs, and its authority under any contract provision authorizing changes, cancellation, and termination). With respect to any contract subject to section 10 of the Act, the Administrator may require retroactive application of such wage determination. (See 53 Comp. Gen. 412, (1973); Curtiss-Wright Corp. v. McLucas, 381 F. Supp. 657 (D NJ 1974); Marine Engineers Beneficial Assn., District 2 v. Military Sealift Command, 86 CCH Labor Cases ¶ 33,782 (D DC 1979); Brinks, Inc. v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 466 F. Supp. 112 (D DC 1979), 466 F. Supp. 116 (D DC 1979).) (See also 32 CFR 1-403.)

(d) In cases where the contracting agency has filed an e98 and has not received a response from the Department of Labor, the contracting agency shall, with respect to any contract for which section 10 to the Act and § 4.3 for this part mandate the inclusion of an applicable wage determination, contact the Wage and Hour Division by e-mail or telephone for guidance.

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