29 CFR § 4.53 - Collective bargaining agreement (successorship) determinations.

§ 4.53 Collective bargaining agreement (successorship) determinations.

Determinations based on the collective bargaining agreement of a predecessor contractor set forth by job classification each provision relating to wages (such as the established straight time hourly or salary rate, cost-of-living allowance, and any shift, hazardous, and other similar pay differentials) and to fringe benefits (such as holiday pay, vacation pay, sick leave pay, life, accidental death, disability, medical, and dental insurance plans, retirement or pension plans, severance pay, supplemental unemployment benefits, saving and thrift plans, stock-option plans, funeral leave, jury/witness leave, or military leave) contained in the predecessor's collective bargaining agreement, as well as conditions governing the payment of such wages and fringe benefits. Accrued wages and fringe benefits and prospective increases therein are also included. Each wage determination is limited in application to a specific contract succeeding a contract which had been performed in the same locality by a contractor with a collective bargaining agreement, and contains a notice to prospective bidders regarding their obligations under section 4(c) of the Act.

[48 FR 49762, Oct. 27, 1983. Redesignated at 61 FR 68664, Dec. 30, 1996]