29 CFR § 4041.30 - Requests for deadline extensions.

(a) In general. The PBGC may in its discretion extend a deadline for taking action under this subpart to a later date. The PBGC will grant such an extension where it finds compelling reasons why it is not administratively feasible for the plan administrator (or other persons acting on behalf of the plan administrator) to take the action until the later date and the delay is brief. The PBGC will consider—

(1) The length of the delay; and

(2) Whether ordinary business care and prudence in attempting to meet the deadline is exercised.

(b) Time of extension request. Any request for an extension under paragraph (a) of this section that is filed later than the 15th day before the applicable deadline must include a justification for not filing the request earlier.

(c) IRS determination letter requests. Any request for an extension under paragraph (a) of this section of the deadline in § 4041.25(c) for submitting a determination letter request to the IRS (in order to qualify for the distribution deadline in § 4041.28(a)(1)(ii)) will be deemed to be granted unless the PBGC notifies the plan administrator otherwise within 60 days after receipt of the request (or, if later, by the end of the PBGC's review period under § 4041.26(a)). The PBGC will notify the plan administrator in writing of the date on which it receives such request.

(d) Statutory deadlines not extendable. The PBGC will not—

(1) Pre-distribution deadlines.

(i) Extend the 60-day time limit under § 4041.23(a) for issuing the notice of intent to terminate; or

(ii) Waive the requirement in § 4041.24(a) that the notice of plan benefits be issued by the time the plan administrator files the standard termination notice with the PBGC; or

(2) Post-distribution deadlines. Extend a filing deadline under § 4041.29(a).

[62 FR 60428, Nov. 7, 1997, as amended at 85 FR 6061, Feb. 4, 2020]