29 CFR § 4041.50 - Closeout of plan.

§ 4041.50 Closeout of plan.

If a plan administrator receives a distribution notice from the PBGC pursuant to § 4041.47 and neither the plan administrator nor the PBGC makes the finding described in § 4041.49(b) or (d), the plan administrator must distribute plan assets in accordance with § 4041.28 and file a post-distribution certification in accordance with § 4041.29, except that—

(a) The term “plan benefits” is replaced with “title IV benefits”;

(b) For purposes of applying the distribution deadline in § 4041.28(a)(1)(i), the phrase “after the expiration of the PBGC's 60-day (or extended) review period under § 4041.26(a)” is replaced with “the day on which the plan administrator completes the issuance of the notices of benefit distribution pursuant to § 4041.48(a)”; and

(c) For purposes of applying the distribution deadline in § 4041.28(a)(1)(ii), the phrase “the requirements of § 4041.25(c)” is replaced with “the requirements of § 4041.48(d)”.