29 CFR § 4043.3 - Requirement of notice.

§ 4043.3 Requirement of notice.

(a) Obligation to file -

(1) In general. Each person that is required to file a notice under this part, or a duly authorized representative, must submit the information required under this part by the time specified in § 4043.20 (for post-event notices), § 4043.61 (for advance notices), or § 4043.81 (for Form 200 filings). Any information filed with PBGC in connection with another matter may be incorporated by reference. If an event is subject to both post-event and advance notice requirements, the notice filed first satisfies both filing requirements.

(2) Multiple plans. If a reportable event occurs for more than one plan, the filing obligation with respect to each plan is independent of the filing obligation with respect to any other plan.

(3) Optional consolidated filing. A filing of a notice with respect to a reportable event by any person required to file will be deemed to be a filing by all persons required to give PBGC notice of the event under this part. If notices are required for two or more events, the notices may be combined in one filing.

(b) Contents of reportable event notice. A person required to file a reportable event notice under subpart B or C of this part must file, by the notice date, the form specified by PBGC for that purpose, with the information specified in PBGC's reportable events instructions.

(c) Reportable event forms and instructions. PBGC will issue reportable events forms and instructions and make them available on its website (http://www.pbgc.gov).

(d) Requests for additional information. PBGC may, in any case, require the submission of additional relevant information not specified in its forms and instructions. Any such information must be submitted for subpart B of this part within 30 days, and for subpart C or D of this part within 7 days, after the date of a written request by PBGC, or within a different time period specified therein. PBGC may in its discretion shorten the time period where it determines that the interests of PBGC or participants may be prejudiced by a delay in receipt of the information.

(e) Effect of failure to file. If a notice (or any other information required under this part) is not provided within the specified time limit, PBGC may pursue any equitable or legal remedies available to it under the law, including assessing against each person required to provide the notice a separate penalty under section 4071 of ERISA.

[80 FR 55002, Sept. 11, 2015, as amended at 85 FR 6061, Feb. 4, 2020]

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