29 CFR § 42.6 - Enforcement strategy.

§ 42.6 Enforcement strategy.

(a) Each Regional Farm Labor Coordinated Enforcement Committee shall annually prepare, on a regional basis, a migrant farm labor enforcement strategy for each protective statute pursuant to § 42.20(c)(3). The National Committee shall review these regional strategies and make recommendations to the appropriate DOL agencies. In reviewing the enforcement strategies, the Committee shall pay particular attention to:

(1) The priorities set for the investigation and enforcement activities of compliance officers.

(2) Available data on the past and current levels of enforcement of the protective statutes in the region, including the data collected pursuant to § 42.21, infra.

(3) The level of attention given to directed activity as distinguished from complaint-initiated compliance activities.

(4) The capability of the agency to respond quickly and thoroughly under the strategy to emergencies involving violations of any of the protective statutes.

(5) The level of priority given by the Office of the Solicitor to farm labor-related enforcement activities under the respective protective statutes.

(6) The ability of agencies to respond quickly and effectively to resolve complaints.

(7) The extent to which agencies follow through with appropriate remedies and sanctions.

(8) The degree to which agencies coordinate and cooperate on a local and regional level.

(9) Other activities of DOL agencies related to migrant farmworker enforcement.