29 CFR § 779.107 - Goods defined.

§ 779.107 Goods defined.

The term goods is defined in section 3(i) of the Act and has a well established meaning under the Act since it has been contained in the statute from the date of its enactment in 1938. A comprehensive statement of the meaning of the term “goods” is contained in part 776 of this chapter, which also cites the court cases in which the term was construed. The statutory definition of “goods” is set forth in § 779.14. It will be observed that the term “goods” includes any part or ingredient of the goods. Also that “goods” as defined in the Act are not limited to commercial goods, or articles of trade, or, indeed, to tangible property, but include “articles or subjects of commerce of any character.” Thus telegraphic messages have been held to be “goods” within the meaning of the Act (Western Union Tel. Co. v. Lenroot, 323 U.S. 490). Some of the “articles or subjects of commerce” which fall within the definition of “goods” include written materials such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, bulletins, and announcements; written reports, fiscal and other statements and accounts, correspondence, and other documents; advertising, motion pictures, newspaper and radio copy; art work and manuscripts for publication; sample books, letterheads, envelopes, shipping tags, labels, checkbooks, blankbooks, book covers, advertising circulars, and wrappers and other packaging materials.