29 CFR § 779.218 - Methods to accomplish “unified operation.”

§ 779.218 Methods to accomplish “unified operation.”

There are many instances where several establishments, persons, corporations, or other business organizations, join together to perform some or all of their activities as a unified business or business system. They may accomplish such unification through agreements, franchises, grants, leases, or other arrangements which have the effect of aligning or integrating the activities of one company with the activities of others so that they constitute a single business or unified business system. Whether in any particular case the activities are performed through “unified operation” and have the effect of creating a single enterprise, will depend upon all the facts, including the manner in which the activities are performed, the agreements and arrangements which govern their performance, and the other relationships between the parties, considered in the light of the statutory provision and the legislative intent. (cf Wirtz v. Wornom's Pharmacy (E.D. Va.), 18 WH Cases 289, 365; 57 Labor Cases 32,006, 32,030.)