29 CFR § 779.406 - “Student-learners”.

§ 779.406 “Student-learners”.

(a) Applicable regulations. In accordance with section 14 of the Act regulations have been issued to provide for employment under special certificates of student-learners at wages lower than the minimum wage applicable under section 6 of the Act. These regulations are set forth in part 520 of this chapter and govern the issuance of special certificates for student-learners in covered employments generally as well as such employments in retail or service establishments.

(b) Definitions. The regulations in § 520.2 of this chapter define “student-learners” and “bona fide vocational training program” as follows:

(1) A student-learner is defined as “a student who is receiving instruction in an accredited school, college or university and who is employed on a part-time basis, pursuant to a bona fide vocational training program.”

(2) A bona fide vocational training program is defined as “one authorized and approved by a State board of vocational education or other recognized educational body and provides for part-time employment training which may be scheduled for a part of the workday or workweek, for alternating weeks or for other limited periods during the year, supplemented by and integrated with a definitely organized plan of instruction designed to teach technical knowledge and related industrial information given as a regular part of the student-learner's course by an accredited school, college or university.”