29 CFR 780.151 - Particular operations on commodities.

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§ 780.151 Particular operations on commodities.
Subject to the rules heretofore discussed, the following activities are, among others, activities that may be performed in the “preparation for market” of the indicated commodities and may come within section 3(f):
(a) Grain, seed, and forage crops. Weighing, binning, stacking, drying, cleaning, grading, shelling, sorting, packing, and storing.
(b) Fruits and vegetables. Assembling, ripening, cleaning, grading, sorting, drying, preserving, packing, and storing. (See In the Matter of J. J. Crosetti, 29 LRRM 1353, 98 NLRB 268; In the Matter of Imperial Garden Growers, 91 NLRB 1034, 26 LRRM 1632; Lenroot v. Hazelhurst Mercantitle Co., 59 F. Supp. 595; North Whittier Heights Citrus Ass'n v. NLRB,109 F.2d 76; Dofflemeyer v. NLRB,206 F.2d 813.)
(c) Peanuts and nuts (pecans, walnuts, etc.). Grading, cracking, shelling, cleaning, sorting, packing, and storing.
(d) Eggs. Handling, cooling, grading, candling, and packing.
(e) Wool. Grading and packing.
(f) Dairy products. Separating, cooling, packing, and storing.
(g) Cotton. Weighing, ginning, and storing cotton; hulling, delinting, cleaning, sacking, and storing cottonseed.
(h) Nursery stock. Handling, sorting, grading, trimming, bundling, storing, wrapping, and packing. (See Jordan v. Stark Brothers Nurseries, 45 F. Supp. 769; Mitchell v. Huntsville Nurseries,267 F.2d 286.)
(i) Tobacco. Handling, grading, drying, stripping from stalk, tying, sorting, storing, and loading.
(j) Livestock. Handling and loading.
(k) Poultry. Culling, grading, cooping, and loading.
(l) Honey. Assembling, extracting, heating, ripening, straining, cleaning, grading, weighing, blending, packaging, and storing.
(m) Fur. Removing the pelt, scraping, drying, putting on boards, and packing.

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