29 CFR 780.311 - Basic conditions of section 13(a)(6)(C).

§ 780.311 Basic conditions of section 13(a)(6)(C).
(a) Section 13(a)(6)(C) of the Act applies to an employee who:
(1) Is employed in agriculture.
(2) Is employed as a hand harvest laborer.
(3) Is paid on a piece-rate basis.
(4) Is paid piece-rates in an operation which has been, and is customarily and generally recognized as having been, paid on a piece-rate basis in the region of employment.
(5) Commutes daily from his permanent residence to the farm on which he is so employed.
(6) Has been employed in agriculture less than 13 weeks during the preceding calendar year.
(b) In order for the exemption to apply to an employee, all of the requirements must be met. Since a hand harvest laborer is normally an agricultural worker, while so engaged, such an employee would meet the basic requirements that he be employed in agriculture. Subpart B of this part contains a more detailed discussion of what constitutes employment in agriculture. The meaning and application of the remaining requirements are discussed in the following sections.

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