29 CFR § 784.125 - Loading and unloading.

§ 784.125 Loading and unloading.

The term “loading and unloading” applies to activities connected with the removal of aquatic products from the fishing vessel and their initial movement to markets or processing plants. The term, however, is not without limitation. The statute by its clear language makes these activities exempt only when performed by any employee employed in the procurement activities enumerated in section 13(a)(5). This limitation is confirmed by the legislative history of the 1961 amendments which effectuated this change in the application of this term (S. Rep. 145, 87th Cong., first session, p. 33). Consequently, members of the fishing crew engaged in loading and unloading the catch of the vessel to another vessel at sea, or at the dockside would be engaging in exempt activities within the meaning of section 13(a)(5). On the other hand, dock workers performing the same kind of tasks would not be within the exemption.