29 CFR § 784.134 - “Canning.”

§ 784.134 “Canning.”

The term “canning” was defined in the legislative history of the 1949 amendments (House (Conference) Report No. 1453, 81st Cong., first session; 95 Cong. Rec. 14878, 14932-33). These amendments made the “canning” of marine products or byproducts exempt from overtime only under a separate exemption (section 13(b)(4), and subject to the minimum wage requirements of the Act (see § 784.136 et seq.). The same meaning will be accorded to “canning” in section 13(a)(5) as in section 13(b)(4) (see § 784.142 et seq.) subject, of course, to the limitations necessarily imposed by the context in which it is found. In other words, although certain operations as described in § 784.142 et seq. qualify as canning, they are, nevertheless, not exempt under section 13(a)(5) unless they are performed on marine products by employees of the fishing vessel at sea as an incident to, or in conjunction with the fishing operations of the vessel.