29 CFR § 784.146 - “Subsequent operations.”

§ 784.146 “Subsequent operations.”

Canning, within the meaning of the exemption, includes operations performed after hermetic sealing of the cans or other containers, such as labeling of them and placing of them in cases or boxes, which are required to place the canned product in the form in which it will be sold or shipped by the canner. This is so whether or not such operations immediately follow the actual canning operations as a part of an uninterrupted process. Storing and shipping operations performed by the employees of the cannery in connection with its canned products, during weeks in which canning operations are going on, to make room for the canned products coming off the line or to make storage room, come within the exemption. The fact that such activities relate in part to products canned during the previous weeks or seasons would not affect the application of the exemption, provided canning operations such as hermetic sealing and sterilizing, or labeling, are currently being carried on.